The Campus

The college is situated near Israna, about 14 kms from Panipat on Panipat-Rohtak Highway (NH-71A). The Trust has a total of 36 acres land covered by 10 ft boundary walls on all sides. The lush green outlets provide a pollution-free environment of learning. 1.2 acre of this land has been allotted to NC College of Education.

The construction of the new building has been completed as per the requirement of the N.C.T.E.


The building provides the requisite space for Reception, Administrative Office, Alumni Room, Meeting Room, Visitors Rooms, Classrooms, Tutorial Rooms, Seminar Hall/Multi-purpose Hall, Lecture Rooms, Library, Laboratories and Instructional Base etc.


Principal Room & Administration Rooms





All the classrooms are equipped with adequate furniture & ventilation. The college is equipped with all basic and Ultra Modern teaching aids like LCD projector, VCD player and OHP available for use and to practise for in education.


Seminar Hall / Multi-purpose Hall

The ultra modern Seminar Hall is having a seating capacity of 200 for conducting seminars, EDPS & Workshops etc.


Education Psychology Lab


The Educational Psychology Laboratory of the Institution is well equipped with all the necessary Psychological Tests including the Intelligence Tests, Aptitude tests, Creativity Test, Personality Scales, Attitude tests and Interest Inventories, Apparatus, Photos, charts, transparencies, C Ds, stopwatch etc. of standard quality. Psychology lab is being used by the students and they are acquainted with knowledge, uses, administration & interpretation of various psychological tests & apparatus.



Education Technology Lab

Education Technology Lab


The Educational Technology Laboratory of the Institution is enriched with all the necessary modern equipments like slide projector, overhead projector, LCD Projector, Television, VCD, scanner, geometrical figures, models, charts, maps, transparencies, slides, white board, flannel board, etc. of standard quality. Technology lab is being utilized both by the teacher educators and teacher-trainees. The students are acquainted with knowledge, uses, working and operation of various technology & aids. The students have to prepare transparencies, Power-Point presentations, charts, models in their teaching subjects. Teachers make use of various aids for the teaching purpose & giving demonstration lessons to make the learning of various topics interesting and effective.



Computer Lab

Computer Lab

State-of-art computer laboratory is equipped with latest Core 2 Duo Computer terminals. The machines are loaded with evariety of Operational & quality Teaching Software like Microsoft Office. The teaching tools can be used for preparing the best of teaching materials. Internet facility is also available on all the terminals. Ample number of computer terminals are available as per the syllabi of Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra.


Language Learning Lab

Language Learning Lab

To upgrade the language proficiency of students in speaking English, N.C. College of Education , Israna has established a language laboratory. Studies related to language are conducted in the language lab on the areas like testing listening comprehension, mother tongue interference , story and action dialogue, travel, business, every day life, learn to speak English, grammar topics etc. English Deluxe 10 of BPS Publication is available in the lab. Six Major sections that are available in the software are: Basic Expressions containing all the expressions introduced in the Basic Course, Story and Action containing the dialogues from all the lesions in the Comprehensive Courses, Grammar containing a reference grammar, Appendices containing handy grammar charts and a grammar glossary, Vocabulary containing the vocabulary arranged alphabetically according to the foreign language, Indices containing alphabetical indices of selected grammar points and Story and Actions dialogues.



Science & Mathematics Resource Centre

Science Lab


These labs have been fully equipped with all essential requisites of imparting practical training of Science subjects. There are plenty of charts, specimens and models related to Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Various items needed for the Practical of different streams are available to carry out practical at Secondary School Level.


Library & Digital Library

The rich library with latest books and reading section of capacity of approximately 100. There are more than 8839 books of 2111 titles in main library. There are 399 books in the Book Bank Section of the library. The subjects on which variety of books are available deal with Teacher Education, Education Technology, Education Psychology, Philosophy, Secondary Education, Guidance and Counseling, Educational Administration & Management, Health Education, Computer Education, methods of teaching various subjects etc. More than 371 Reference books are also available for consultation by Faculty and students in the library. In addition to this the library has unique collection of Journals/Periodicals and Encyclopedias etc. The new arrivals are displayed in the New Arrivals section.


Internet facility is available in the Library for Online-book browsing. Single sitting, group sitting and general sitting facilities are available for the users of Library.


For all the details about the Library click Library Status.


Health and Physical Education Resource Center

Health Centre

There is the facility of various sports like Football, Volley Ball, Basket Ball, Cricket, Tennis, Badminton, Hockey in the Campus. In addition to above, indoor facilities including Table Tennis, Chess, Carom Board and other games are available in the Health and Physical Education Resource Center.



Art and Craft Resource Room

Art Room

The Interior Decoration Resource Room is well-equipped to meet the pupil-teachers requirements. The focus is laid on:

:: Role of art as community activity
:: Art as a versatile creative activity
:: Preservence and transfer of cultural heritage
:: Freedom of self expression
:: Utilization of waste by making best



Social Science Lab

Soc Science Lab

This Lab is well-equipped to meet the grooming pupil teacher requirements. The main focus is laid on to create social awareness about society and to develop interation among society.

Hostel Facilities

Separate hostel facility for Boys and Girls exists within the campus, which includes all basic facilities.

Gymnasium, Table Tennis, LCD Movie etc are available in the Hostels.


Staff Room

Individual seating arrangements for all the Faculty members along with individual pigeon-holes. Each faculty is provided with individual PCs with internet connection to prepare their lectures and update their knowledge through internet. Staff room is equipped with Whiteboard facility to practise delivering of lectures and taking demo from students if required.